You are no doubt feeling bombarded with regular messages about climate change. Most recently I’ve seen a news article encouraging us to reduce our emails! I make no apology for adding to them.

Bishop Nicholas recently said – Changes that were coming now seem to be coming more quickly.  Climate breakdown, the destruction of the environment and the rapid loss of species also combine to create a huge global crisis that needs us to act urgently.

As you may already know St Michaels has committed to becoming increasingly, environmentally friendly. On our journey we have made significant steps; this is endorsed by the Bronze award we received in the Eco Church scheme and follows on from the Living Churchyard certificates we have received over several years.

You may also be aware that we have embraced Creationtide these last two years and so hope that all members of the church, and hopefully beyond, have a little better idea of the environmental issues that face us, our response as Christians and the next steps we can take.

As part of our efforts to be a local reference point for those wishing to reduce their environmental impact we are thrilled to develop this webpage and provide links to other resources for our future progress as a ‘green’ parish.

Our first resource is a series of thoughtfully prepared articles by Roy Harrison – he’s done a lot of the groundwork for us. These can be found here. While these are challenging and may question some of our preconceived ideas, they also encourage us to be realistic. We don’t need to rush out and buy the latest electric vehicle nor cover our roofs with every possible version of solar panel.

However, these articles share real experiences which could be helpful to you whatever your next decision: whether it be a replacement car, boiler, holiday or shopping trip. We are invited to explore the impact our life choices have on our environment, our global community and future generations.

Read, enjoy, question and debate. If you have any questions or comments to make please Get in Touch and maybe this forum can become something more than a simple source of information.