Recent Building Projects

Stencilling of the Chancel (2000 – 2001)
The originally vibrant stencil paintings decorating the chancel had become very dull and faded over the years. They have been beautifully refurbished by Donald Smith of Blandford, and are a joy to behold. The cost of the work at £21,000 was funded by money accrued by the Maton bequest.
Parish Centre (1996 – 1997)
The old Church School, built in 1847 adjacent to the church, was vacated when the establishment moved to new premises in 1985. It was then used as a Parish Hall, but its Victorian structure did not lend itself to modern activities. It was therefore rebuilt, as the Parish Rooms, with up-to-date amenities, on the original floor plan. A Parish Office was added at the rear in the former playground, the whole work costing in the region of £300,000.
All Saints, Three Legged Cross (1993 – 1995)
By 1993, All Saints had become uninsurable and was closed and demolished. As rebuilding funds were not available, a plan was developed to build three semi- detached houses on the site, to be sold in stage payments during the construction process, to pay for a new church.

During 1993/1994 work on the construction of the three semi-detached properties was undertaken and two were then sold to Dorset Housing Association. Half of the third house, sold in its entirety to the Diocese, was used to house a member of our clergy team, the other half became the new church centre at Three Legged Cross.

The foundation stone of the church was laid on Tuesday, 30th August 1994 by the Venerable Geoffrey Walton, Archdeacon of Dorset, and on 14th January 1995 the building dedicated by the Right Reverend David Stancliffe, Lord Bishop of Salisbury.”

Emmanuel Middle School (1990)
There had become a need for a Middle School in Verwood as the increasing number of local children of this age group had to be bussed either to Cranborne or West Moors. The County Council were unable to fund such a school from their budget at the time. The decision was taken by the Parish and Diocese that the need should be met by a Church Aided school on council owned land at Margards Lane. And so this project began, and has since become an integral part of the Verwood school system.
Church Extension (1980 – 1981)
When Verwood began to develop in the 1970s, it became obvious that the parish church, built for a population of around a thousand, no longer had sufficient space. The decision was taken to remove the side walls and extend outwards to both north and south. As the church had never had a permanent hall, a meeting room was created across the entrance way. The existing chancel, sanctuary and vestry block were retained, thus marrying the old with the new.

The building work cost £105,000 – a high proportion of which was raised by donations and fund raising efforts by parishioners. Salisbury Diocese gave a grant, and unneeded church land was sold to complete the total funding.

The first main service was held on a sunny Easter Day in 1981. The formal rededication took place on Friday 19th June in an inspiring service led by the Lord Bishop of Salisbury, assisted by the Bishop of Sherborne and the Archdeacon of Dorset. The Lord Bishop, an ex-seafarer himself, preached on the words of Francis Drake at the commencement of the voyage of the Golden Hind – “Ye are all of one company”.

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