Home Groups, Small Groups & Bible Study

Our small groups provide the opportunity to meet with other Christians to build friendships, to share, to pray and to study the Bible.

During the year the home groups have studied a variety of different material including the Mark Greene DVD and book ‘Life on the Front Line’, bible study ‘Mary the Mother of Jesus, an Advent study ‘Someone to Believe In’ based on the film Miracle on 34th Street, Ecclesiastics, Book of James, the Trinity from point of view of the creed.

One home group also held Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles meals.

We recognise that different content will be attractive and helpful to different people, and our groups reflect that – from the relaxed and open style of Food for Thought, through the fellowship and study styles to the more in-depth approach to bible studies.

Below is a brief ‘taster’ of what is currently available. If you would like more information, or would like to see for yourself, please contact the group leader and they will be delighted to help you, and hopefully see you.

We have some lovely people ready and willing to host more groups, so if you are not seeing what you are looking for to further your walk with God, or the time of day/day of the week does not suit, do please let us know and we will see what we can do!

Fellowship, study and prayer

Mondays at 7.30 pm at Duncan Moss’ home at Potterne House by  Potterne Park (01202 827520)  AND Zoom Meeting currently on Tuesdays at 7.30pm

Duncan is a Licensed Lay Minister.  His home group is probably the longest running at church, with regular attendees from both St Michael’s and All Saints.   As well as offering fellowship and prayer, biblical topics and studies are covered as agreed by the group, who represent most of the two churches’ service offers.  The current age group is wide, but mainly 50+.  The group has recently met in lockdown via Zoom.

Zoom meetings with YouTube based teaching

Duncan has had an enthusiastic uptake for another weekly Zoom meeting (online video) which is currently held on Tuesday evening at 7.30 pm for approximately 45 minutes.   This includes fellowship, a short Bible reading followed by a YouTube commentary on that reading and then comments and reflection.  The meeting will conclude with prayer and perhaps a further video and/or thought from Duncan. This will all be informal, so no obligation to attend each week, or to attend for the whole 45 mins.  You can contribute or just listen, as you prefer.

Alpha Courses

Duncan also hosts Alpha Courses from time to time, with a well attended and successful course offered for a wide age group last year.  See www.alpha.org.uk for further details of the course, and contact Duncan if you are interested in attending a future course.

Food for Thought

At Rachel Tyler’s home : 10 Hayward Crescent, BH31 6JT

7pm Thursday– Term Time Only    Rachel Tyler – 07941 012423  AND  WhatsApp Group

Rachel says ‘We are a very relaxed group who come together to support each other in learning about and developing our relationship with God.  We are all passionate about modern worship and teaching and this contemporary style is the basis for everything we do.  During the evening we reflect on the week, pray for our Church family and our community in Verwood.  We utilise teaching from around the world and draw on a wide range of resources from Bible studies, to the New Wine Network of video & audio talks.  We are here for anyone who shares a desire to learn about Jesus and to deepen their relationship with God.  If you are returning to faith or exploring it for the first time you will always receive a warm welcome.  It goes without saying that tea, coffee and cake is an important part of our Thursday night fellowship. ‘

WhatsApp Group

‘We also have an active WhatsApp group that helps us stay connected through the week.  We share prayers or words of wisdom to help encourage each other.  You do not have to attend the home group to be included in the WhatsApp group.  We have many people who are unable to make our Thursday evening meetings, but are still able to be part of our fellowship in this way. ‘

If you would like to come along or just have a chat to find out more then please give Rachel a call.

In-depth Bible Studies

With Dr Andy Ostins at Andy and Caroline’s home at 62 Margards Lane (01202 814792).

Wednesdays at 7.30pm  AND   hopefully another morning group tbc

Andy was a GP in Verwood, before he and Caroline left to work at a mission hospital in Zaire (now DRC) and then in Zambia.   They lived in Africa for 20 years.

Until the lockdown, there were two groups.  One met on for in-depth Bible studies on Wednesday evening, usually of a letter of the New Testament lasting over several weeks (depending on the length of the letter in question).   This group has continued with Q&A email interaction during the lockdown.

Exploratory Bible Study 

Weekday morning – details tbc

Andy has also hosted a well-received video-based Bible Society Bible Course, followed by a little less intensive video-based or booklet bible study for the group which met on a morning each week.   It is hoped that this, or a similar group, may re-form following the lifting of the Coronavirus restrictions.

The current age group of attendees is 60+ (but younger members will always be welcome!) who between them attend just about all of the service styles offered by the churches, and include people from other churches.

Bible Society Bible Course

This excellent video based 8 week course has been offered by most of the groups, and it is hoped to run further courses when circumstances permit.   Please let the Parish office know if you may be interested.   They may be held either during the day or in the evening, according to demand.  See www.biblesociety.org.uk/explore-the-bible/the-bible-course/  for further details of the course.

Youth Group

Run by Helen Jackson, our dedicated Youth Worker, who hosts a lively and active group which meets on Thursday evenings.  That is also a cross church group and looks to reach out into the community.

At this time, the group meets via Zoom from 4pm-5pm for bible study and reflection.  This is open for school years 7-13.  If any youth would like to join, please contact Helen on stmichaels.youth@outlook.com.

The group hopes to return to the usual Thursday evening meet ups when permitted, so keep an eye on this page for further news on that.

Kingdom Prayer

This group meets in the evening on a weekday at church when permissible, approximately bi-monthly, to pray for the unity and spiritual wellbeing of the church, and for our local community.

Prayer Line

There is a network of people who pray for and with those in need.  If you would like prayer, call the Parish Office who will put you in touch with the appropriate person.

If you are interested in joining a home group please get in touch via the Parish Office.