Virtual Parish Posada 2020

This Advent we cannot pass the Posada from house to house, but we can mark the time with prayers for the Holy Family and by keeping in touch with each other in ways that are safe.

If you have nativity figures or a nativity scene of your own, put them on display in the place that you go to in your homes to pray.  If you don’t have the figures, then you can make them or even knit them.  It would be great if you could email your photographs to the office so that we can all share them.

Keep the time of 7pm on the 4 Sundays of Advent to pray the prayer of the week which will be printed on the pew sheet and available on the website.  And be strengthened and comforted to know that you will be in company with many others from our community, praying the prayer at the same time.

Posada Prayer
Sunday 20th December 

Please click here to watch the video for Advent 4

On this 4th Sunday of Advent, we begin the final countdown to Christmas. Today we pray with Mary and Joseph as they make the final part of their journey to Bethlehem.
Lord God,
As your obedient servants Mary and Joseph make these last days
of their journey. We pray for those who will travel to see family in
this coming week.
Help us all to make wise decisions in these difficult days.
And so, we pray for all those who cannot be with their loved ones
this Christmas. May they find other ways to connect with them this
Be with each one of us, particularly those who are feeling sad and
lonely, that we may all be surrounded and upheld by your life-giving
love this Christmas and always.

Posada Prayer
Sunday 13th December

Please click here to watch the video for Advent 3

Dear Lord on this 3rd Week of Advent
we remember Mary and Joseph, and give thanks for their faithfulness, courage, and obedience.
they stepped out into the unknown in the strength of your Spirit.
They played their part in the fulfilment of your plan, to bring your people home again.
We pray that their example might be the pattern of our lives,
that when your gentle whisper breaks through the clamour of this world, that we might be ready to listen,
and when we hear you call, give us the courage to  act.
In Jesus name

Posada Prayer
Sunday 6th December

Please click  here to watch the video for Advent 2

Loving God,
We come together in prayer in our different homes, on this second Sunday of Advent.
We remember today that You called your servant John
to go out into the wilderness to prepare the way of the Lord.
Be with us as we reflect upon this part of our journey.
This year we cannot travel in person,
But we pause and make space to reflect upon what you call us to today.
The interior journey can be tougher than the physical one,
So, we ask you to protect us and strengthen us, as we open our hearts to receive your love.
Free us from all that binds us,
That we can prepare the way of Jesus the Christ, in the wilderness of the world today.

Posada Prayer for Sunday 29th November 2020

God of hope, be with us in our Advent journey
to the stable and beyond,
be with us in our conversations,

Be with us in our worship and our praying together,
keep us safe and keep us hopeful as we wait to greet you anew this Christmas.