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Thought for the Month – May 2020

This is my second thought for the month in Angels and Saints since ‘Lock Down’.  I guess by now that we are all settling into a new pattern of life, albeit for most of us reluctantly.  But if we look for them, we will see that there are some good things emerging from this crisis.

People are getting involved in building new sorts of community and parents are spending more time with their children. Someone put an interesting thought on social media about looking back on this pandemic in years to come, from a child’s perspective.  The now aged Grandparent, who had been a child in 2020, was giving his young Grandchild an account of his memories from this time.  These memories included, lots of time together as a family, home cooked meals, baking, playing games, going out for walks and cycle rides and working and learning together at home.  This is of course a fictional and idealised memory from a child, and I am sure that there are   more difficult challenges for some children.  But this ideal reminds us of how important these simpler things in life are.  I imagine that there are some people today who have similar memories from their own childhood.  But we have all been given the opportunity now to reflect upon the things that really matter.

Last week we had a minute of silence to reflect upon all of the NHS workers who have died.  This is a stark reminder of the severity of our current situation.  Each person represented by a number was a beloved family member. It is so hard just to listen to this news and look at the faces of those who have died.  Apart from being devastatingly sad, it can also make us feel powerless.  But we are not.  Those who can are actively helping in all sorts of ways and every one of us can pray.  Prayer makes a difference, not only to those we pray for, but also to ourselves.

This week I have continued to think about the Emmaus Road. This powerful resurrection narrative always has an impact upon me.  I think about the disciples being discouraged and disappointed, then I think of the ‘Stranger’s’ words gradually freeing them from fear and uplifting their hearts as they walk along together.

We too can reflect upon Jesus’ words, and pray that they penetrate our fears and lighten our hearts when we feel despondent.   Then as we hear about the disciples’ delight as they discover Jesus’ presence with them, we can think about their journey back to Jerusalem to share their joy with their community. Is there something or someone that we can feel joyful about and give thanks for today?

The Disciples are not the same Disciples who set out on their journey to Emmaus, they are changed.  The resurrection life is in them.  When we come out of ‘Lock Down’, however long that takes, we too will have changed. And so, we pray for patience and faith and the company of Jesus to walk with us through this difficult time and to prepare us to share his Good News of new life and joy.

God Bless you,

With love and prayers, Deborah

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