Monthly Message

Thought for the month of October

During our short week at New Wine we worked with 8 – 9 year olds at Rock Solid kids team. Kids in the mornings and evenings would go to sessions which involved worship, prayer and games and usually involving an innocent leader getting a cream pie to the face or being sent to the gunge tank.

As a pair of leaders, we would have about 15 children to keep an eye on and make sure they were getting involved as much as they could. This was an eye-opening experience when ministering with the children and seeing through them the work God has achieved at such a young age. Most children were very engaged in the worship, whether this involved dancing around or closing their eyes and simply raising their arms to Christ.

Whilst it was one of our most tiring weeks ever, it was certainly the most rewarding and a true inspiration to work with so many aspiring Christians.

Lili Tyler and Ben Gadsby