Monthly Message

Thought for the month of December


We are currently delivering Christmas cards from Churches Together in Verwood to every home in the parish. We pray that these will be well received and result in us welcoming many to our Christmas services.

I recently came across the following, which is part of a longer prophecy.

‘Remember the time when I caused the disciples to haul in a great catch of fishes, 153 large fish! and the net was not broken!

The time is near, when I will begin to draw in this net, and gather in the great harvest of souls, but before I do, strengthen the links and strands that hold you together, so that the net will hold and none may be lost. Every soul is precious to me, and many are weak, frightened and small, and could wriggle through the weak links, but I want them all to come in, and find life in me.’                      Martin Hogan, November 2009


This instantly spoke to me about our church in Verwood. Over a decade ago Networks was conceived and the image we use in our logo – on our service sheets and on the mugs – is a fisherman’s net. In my mind Networks has always been an initiative launched by the broader family of St Michael’s specifically to reach those who would not otherwise be part of church: a net thrown by St Michaels over the parish of Verwood and Three Legged Cross.

As some will know I’ve also long been an advocate of Churches Together in Verwood and I interpret the above prophecy as one for our whole church community; both within and between our churches. It’s time for the different elements of church to come together, seek to ‘strengthen the links and strands’ and create a net that holds and comforts the ‘frightened and small’.

I’m praying that I can be a valuable member of such a community and invite you to pray the same prayer. Then, let’s see what happens!

With love in Christ,   Hank