Monthly Message

Thought for the month of January

New Year is a time when many people look ahead and set out their goals or plans for the year.

St. Michael’s went one better and has set out our vision for the next 2 years and 5 years! This follows on from a series of Vision Meetings which were open to everyone. All comment and suggestions led to the following:

  •  To Grow and develop a united Community, praising God (A)
  •  To reach out into the Parish (B)
  •  To nurture and empower our community and grow in our faith (C)
  •  To make new disciples (D)
  •  To make our buildings more adaptable and receptive to future needs. (E)

Words are great but actions speak louder so a little summary of how we are doing …

A – Develop a united Community

From an Autumn Supper to LIFT (Ladies in Faith Together) meetings and a successful Christmas market to Weekly Coffee mornings, the programme of Social events with hospitality continues to grow. New church services and another new home group have appeared. (I say ‘Home’ group, it meets at the Monmouth Ash!).

B – To reach out into the Parish

There was a hugely successful Light Party last October, attended by over 100 people from Verwood. Messy Church celebrated its 10th anniversary since it started in Verwood and grows from strength to strength!

Two services for those with memory loss have taken place with a third planned in March; also, a monthly afternoon meeting for those who have been recently bereaved. The second annual Pet service was just as popular as the first one (and no-one was eaten!).

C – To nurture and empower our community …

Whilst the Parish Quiet Day didn’t get its usual support this year, the appointment of our Youth Worker, Helen Grace, was the culmination of months of hard work and prayer. She and her team have already made huge progress in nurturing our youth and children and have also set up a lunch time club at Trinity School and a Youth club at Emmanuel Youth Centre. Just watch this space!

D– To make new disciples

For now, we are content with reaching out to the schools and the annual Christmas card which draws many newcomers to our church for the Christmas services.

It’s a 2 to 5-year plan, more will follow!

E– To make our buildings more adaptable …

We are working to become more ‘green’. We publicise and support ‘Verwoodians on Waste Recycling’ and dedicate an area on our noticeboards to ‘Green’ information. We have a beautiful church yard which is involved in the Dorset Wildlife Project and we have been presented with the Eco Church Bronze Award. The aim is to achieve our Silver in 2020.

The above is only meant as a summary. Lots more has taken place and there is a whole lot more to come.

We will continue to keep you updated via newsletters, emails, weekly news-sheets, Monthly Parish News magazine and of course, our website

Happy New Year!

Sue Shier.