Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As we find ourselves in these most difficult times, we are faced with a situation that we have not encountered before.  Many of us have gone through troubles and sad and challenging times, but nothing resembling the situation we face today.


To some extent we have seen it coming as this virus swept across the world and made its way to us. And now we cannot fail to recognise the devastating effect that Coronavirus (COVID-19) can have upon us.  As more people are proving positive and dying from the virus in the UK, our government have warned those who are over 70 or who have underlying health conditions, to self-isolate.


We have now heard from our Archbishops that public worship in the Church of England has been suspended until further notice. With consideration of the current situation this is a sensible precaution.  However, this does not mean that the church is closed.


For the time being we will not be meeting together for services in St Michael’s or All Saints and we are unable to enter the buildings.


We are working on other ways to keep us connected via the website, email and telephone.  I will be using our new daily prayer list so that I can pray for each one of you over the course of the month.  But please let us know if you fall ill or are anxious.  We trust ourselves into God’s care.


Keep safe. God bless you,

Much love,


01202 823707



If anyone is in self-isolation then please get in touch so that we can continue to support you.

If you would like to volunteer to help then please also get in touch.


If you have health concerns and for the latest health advice, please visit the NHS website

For the latest Government advice and action plan, please visit GOV.UK.