Annual Parochial Church Meeting – Sunday 5th May 2019

Please prayerfully consider if you are being called to serve in one or more of the important roles for which elections will be held at the APCM.  We would very much welcome your input. Details of the posts and meeting are below :


APCM. Sunday, 5 May at 7.00 pm in church after Choral Evensong.

There are 7 vacancies for the PCC, and 3 vacancies for the age group 16 to 21 years.  If anyone is interested in being nominated for these positions, please pick up a nomination form from the Meeting Room, and get the completed form to the Parish Office, or me, before 26 April. The Annual Report and Accounts will be available in the Meeting Room 3 weeks before the APCM.  The PCC has 4 evening meetings a year, and its committees generally have a similar number of meetings.  Please talk to any PCC member if you would like further detail.

Julia Palmer   (scans accepted)


Church Wardens

If anyone wishes to be considered as a candidate for election as a Church Warden, please complete the appropriate form in the Meeting Room and hand it to the vicar at least one week before the APCM.

Julia Palmer